jQuery scroll back to top simple

Radio Dalam – jQuery sederhana membuat event klik dengan jQuery skroll kembali ke halaman paling atas.

Contoh: jsfiddle

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My name is Mas Wahyu Anshori, 32 years old. I am a student from STIE Ahmad Dahlan Jakarta, work at Punakawan Digital Media since Oct 2017. Before I came to Punakawan, I was doing IT Supportt and web content at Seratus Company, Melodia Group and be part of Kehati as a freelance web developer. I was also a freelance web developer with simple HTML, CSS base, jQuery, and PHP. Learned Website Developer base (with a help of Google) by myself would be my achievement so far. I'am an Indonesian football junkie, as well as addicted to HTML, CSS and jQuery coding.

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